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Rockwool Wired Mats

PT. Wicaksana Mas Sell Rockwool Wired Mats at low prices with the latest technology. Rockwool Wired Mats can be used up to max service temperature of 680 ºC acc. To EN 14706. Facing 80 ºC. Due to their flexibility and high temperature resistance, Rockwool Wired Mats can be easily cut and attached to pipes.
We sell Rockwool Wired Mats at affordable prices and quite complete. It has relatively low resistance to pressure and from a practical point of view should only be installed with a combination of spacers. PT. Wicaksana Mas provides a variety of Rockwool Wired Mats that might be your choice.

Rockwool Wired Mats application
- Temperature above 300 ° C
- Pipe diameter ≥ 350 mm
- Piping with many cuts shaped like an elbow or T-joint.

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