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PT. Wicaksana Mas (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

PT. Wicaksana Mas is a company engaged in sales & services, which was established in 2006 under the name CV.Kharisma Guna Lestari, with increasing technological advances and business competition we decided to change our company name to PT.Wicaksana Mas, and we also have UD Indojaya Megah Makmur partners especially for projects to install hydrant / fire equipments pipes or those related to the fire department. a lot of experience and learning processes that have been passed from year to year bring the company to the body and develop according to the company's strategic plan.

The trust given by various parties (government, private, and individual) makes us more confident that we can provide the best service and quality of work.

Our commitment to complete each work that has been entrusted cannot be separated from the role of the head of division, each member / worker in planning, implementing, and controlling projects with various effective and efficient management and work methods, as well as paying attention to K3 (Occupational Health Safety) standards and work environment.


Bertekad untuk menjadi sebuah perusahaan yang terdepan, selalu mengutamakan Pelayanan dan kwalitas kerja serta standar K3 (Keselamatan Kesehatan Kerja) dan lingkungan kerja.


Menempatkan kepuasan klien sebagai komitmen utama. Menempatkan mitra kerja sebagai bagian integral dari tim kerja. Memiliki sumber daya manusia yang profesional, berintegritas tinggi serta berorientasi kepada peningkatan secara terus-menerus. Meningkatkan keunggulan kompetitif dengan cara: a. Menciptakan inovasi melalui pemanfaatan teknologi b. Memilih mitra kerja yang handalĀ 


Jl. Platina I No. 170 Lingk. XVI Medan 20244
Sumatera Utara , Indonesia



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